1999 Saint Joseph Forum Midwest Catholic Conference - Complete Set


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This complete set from the 1999 conference contains the following lectures:

Fr. Paul Wickens:

  • Sin Denied

Br. Anthony Mary, M.I.C.M. (tert)

  • Saint Joseph: Spouse of the Mother of God

Fr. Paul Trinchard

  • My Apologia
  • The Chruch: Prognosis for the Future

Vin Lewis

  • For Militant Catholics: The Difference Between Strategy and Tactics

Gary Potter

  • Joseph de Maistre: Father of the Catholic Counter Revolution

Dr. Robert Hickson

  • The Culture of the Christian Soldier and His Goal of Spiritual Childhood

Fr. Nicholas Gruner

  • Our Lady of Fatima

Gerry Matatics

  • The Ticking Timebomb of the Year 2000, and How to Defuse It

Brian Kelly

  • The Nine Choirs: Their Nature and Mission

Br. Andre Marie, M.I.C.M.

  • The Saints and Church Unity

Audio Format: 11 Audio Cassettes (Digital Version Coming Soon)