From the Mind Up. . . Our Mission


Laudaetur Jesus Christus,

   Many who are seeking answers to the moral dilemmas that we face in our modern society, and who wish to fight for the right causes and to help to build a better society, often feel intimidated by the apparent strength of the enemies of truth, especially in regard to forming an effective resistance against them. At the same time, answers that the world (and even some poorly catechized Catholics) offer to some of the more important problems facing our society, seem to create more confusion instead of certainty. The truth might "set one free," but many find that discernment of the truth is not always easy. When entertaining any project—and the battle for truth and justice IS a project— the first thing to be considered is the goal, or purpose, or (to speak philosophically) the end that you wish to attain.

    Teleology is the philosophical discipline that has as it’s subject matter the study of purpose or ends. In philosophical terms, the end of a frying pan is the use for which its creation was intended, that is the cooking of food to make it safe and palatable for human consumption. All rational creatures have purposes or ends toward which their actions are ordered. A man exercises in order to keep his body healthy, and he pays his taxes in order to stay out of jail, and he makes clocks so that he may be able to tell time. etc. All things have their end or purpose. Ends are classified according to their importance or their placement in the hierarchy of causes. The most essential cause, or final cause is that for which a thing exists. Man exists to give God glory, and the final end to which man himself is ordained is beatitude.

   The natural law of the universe is that order which was placed in it by the creator, because all of creation is meant to serve God’s end for himself and for man. Since men must, according to the natural law, live in society, all of the actions of that society should be structured to help man attain his final end. When a critical mass of men within that given society understands this, and determines to act upon that knowledge, Catholic civilization is born, and everything about the structure of that society tends to support man in his quest for eternal salvation. 

    As members of the Church Militant living in the world today, it is part of our duty to make these truths clear to all men, especially our fellow Catholics. IHM Media was founded as a result of many inspirations received through over 30 years of discipleship and teaching at Saint Benedict Center under the late Br. Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M., who was himself the most intimate and faithful disciple of the late Father Leonard Feeney (S.J. and M.I.C.M.). The many recordings of Br. Francis which were previously distributed by the founder of IHM Media are now being distributed by the Brothers and Sisters who are carrying on the work of Br. Francis and Father Feeney in Richmond New Hampshire. IHM Media, as successor to much of that work, is now preparing to broaden our efforts, and to bring some of the fruits of that discipleship to new audiences.

   Our goal is that of education and exhortation towards two ends, the salvation of souls and the creation—one might even say the restoration—of a 21st century Catholic civilization here in the Land of Mary—the Americas. Such a goal can only be realized when fully committed Catholics take the time to study the traditions of our Faith, and to integrate those traditions of sound philosophy and deep spirituality, with a clear and Catholic knowledge of history, in order to produce in ourselves a lively understanding of what Catholic Civilization is and the clarity of purpose necessary for us to re-establish it anew. Hence, our motto: Rebuilding Christian Civilization—from the mind up.

In the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
IHM Media