Catholic Social Doctrine: A Philosophical and Strategic Overview (John Sharpe) [Audio CD, DVD Video]


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Format: 1 Audio CD or 1 DVD Video
Running Time: 45 minutes

Recorded at the 2012 Rebuilding Christendom I Conference 


John Sharpe is admirably suited not only to act as the organizer of this first Rebuilding Christendom Conference, but also to speak, as the primary exponent of the major principles of the Social Reign of Christ the King at this meeting. His best qualification as a speaker on the subject of the social doctrines is the depth and breadth of his grasp of its essential principles.

In his first talk he clearly enunciates the moral and philosophical elements underlying the political order and how they must be applied in the modern political world. He then emphasizes that once we have mastered the principles, we must act according to them.