Doctrine and Theology

If truth is the conformity of the mind with reality, then doctrine is the conforming of one's teaching with truth. There are many planes of knowledge, but the most important in regard the truths of the Catholic Faith have been officially and carefully defined and are known as dogma. These dogmas of the Faith have been heroically defended by some of the great Saints and Doctors of the Church. We hope here to provide a vast selection of works on the topic of the official teachings of the Church, and on their development, as carried out in the science of Theology.

John Paul II: Enemy of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus? (Gerry Matatics) [Mp3 Download]

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Gerry Matatics / Mp3 Download
Recorded at the 2005 Saint Joseph Forum Midwest Catholic Conference Audio Format: Mp3 Download - 32MB Running Time: 1 hour, 10 Minutes  More