Divine Alchemy (Br. Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M.)
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  One can detect a definite influence from the priest poet, Father Feeney, in the rhyme and rhythm of the philosopher poet, Dr. Maluf. The former,... More

Fish on Friday (Fr. Leonard Feeney)
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  The words, spoken or written, of a soul that genuinely loves God have a tone to them which always rings true. Couple this truth with literary... More

In Towns and Little Towns (Fr. Leonard Feeney)
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So, you do not like poetry. Too many flowers and angels and stars and clouds. And too many adjectives ending in “Y”. Besides, the better the... More

Not Made for This World (Fr. Leonard Feeney)
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If ever there was a teacher assigned to this world, yet whose every word bespoke of the next, and the way to the eternal happiness thereof, it was the... More

Poems of Joseph Mary Plunkett, The
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  A LOVE STORY FOR THE AGES . . Joseph Mary Plunkett and The Gifford Girl ISBN 1-930278-79-9 A hero and a soldier, too, they buried him in lime.... More

The Leonard Feeney Omnibus (Fr. Leonard Feeney)
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Softcover - $19.95 Hardbound - $34.95 Most of the material in this Omnibus has been printed before. Yet the publishers have done the cause of... More