Not Made for This World (Fr. Leonard Feeney)

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If ever there was a teacher assigned to this world, yet whose every word bespoke of the next, and the way to the eternal happiness thereof, it was the author of these thirty-two talks. Some are formal, some informal, none were edited by the speaker. Most were given about fifty years ago and recorded shorthand by Sister Marion Joseph, MICM (†2004). These talks are priceless and, until now, never read by anyone. Vintage Father Feeney. As you read each lecture, story, or anecdote, you will feel like you are actually in the audience, being carried away; every thought, every story, either tearing away at your heartstrings or filling your mind with a holy wisdom that you never would have imagined could be yours. Daniel Lord, S.J. wrote: "Father Feeney talks as well as he writes. Almost . . . better . . . I felt I was listening to one of the country's really great lecturers — humor and freshness, brilliant turns of phrase whipping about real observation and original thought."