Quid est Veritas? What is truth? Truth is conformity of the mind to reality. How does one find the truth? Through right reason. Philosohphy is the study of wisdom. Wisdom is, as a great philosopher once said, the knowledge of the most important truths, in the right order of emphasis, with a total, permanent disposition to live accordingly. If that sounds like a mouthful, the student of Catholic thought should realize that it defines the difference between average men and those who are truly seekers of Catholic truth or wisdom.

   As intimidating as philosophy may sound, Catholic philosophy is the most developed system of thinking available. Great men such as St. Thomas Aquinas laid much of the groundwork for the discipline of philosophy and the higher discipline, theology. The student who wishes to develop his mind fully will appreciate this discipline, and we hope the media available here will aid in the development of strong Catholic minds to counteract the poor thinking qualities of modern society.