Prospects for a Catholic Recovery: A Blueprint for a Distributist Community (Dr. Peter Chojnowski) [Mp3 Download]


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Recorded at the 2012 Rebuilding Christendom I Conference 

Recently there was a plan for a distributist community which Dr. Chojnowski was instrumental in devising according to sound Catholic principles. Starting from from sound Thomistic priciples and proceeding immediately to the actions that are necessary to incarnate our Faith in this world, to make it tangible and visible, Dr. Chojnowski tells the story of the mini-economic system that was designed to become a small parallel economy following the advic of Fr. Vincent McNabb.

The lessons learned during the process of founding this small economy should be useful to all Catholics contemplating such endeavors. This speaker’s calm and forceful presentation is full of excellent principles and numerous details about the whys and the hows of projects of this nature which are becoming more urgently necessary day by day.