The Leonard Feeney Omnibus (Fr. Leonard Feeney)

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Most of the material in this Omnibus has been printed before. Yet the publishers have done the cause of American letters a considerable service in bringing out this collection. Certainly the years to come will see more extensive editions of Father Feeney’s works. We are fortunate in having this much now. This Omnibus, small though it is, is far more effective than little books and scattered articles in bringing us to appreciate the foremost man of letters in Catholic America.

His trained and gifted mind has caught what is best in our own life scene. The Omnibus shows us Catholic loyalty in a barber shop, the theological virtues on the Boston and Albany, apologetics on the New York, New Haven and Hartford, and God’s charity in Lynn and Paris. The things he saw are the things we all might have seen, and which we know better because he has seen them.

Father Feeney as an author we reverence and acclaim. However we are considerably less enthusiastic about his prowess as an editor. It is difficult in the extreme to pardon a man who left “The Brown Derby” out of a Leonard Feeney Omnibus.




  • Fish on Friday    

  • Good Christians    

  • Skheenarinka    

  • A Madonna of the Kitchen    

  • Evangeline    

  • Asthore    

  • The Journey    

  • Joe Pallavicino    

  • Charlie Maloney    

  • Little Slipper Street    

  • This Little Thing    

  • Cousin Willie    

  • Instructions for Meeting Mrs. Nolan    

  • The Problem Mind    

  • A Sympathetic Summary    

  • Mary Favorite   



  • You’d Better Come Quietly
  • The Blessed Sacrament Explained to Barbara    
  • Do Not Go to Bethlehem to Find the Obvious    
  • Dialogue With an Angel    
  • The Blessed Trinity Explained to Thomas Butler    
  • The Metaphysics of Chesterton    
  • Notes
  • Two Who Should Be Friends   
  • Clean Literature    
  • How You Lost Your Faith    
  • The Catholic and His Priest    
  • The Menace of Puns    
  • Notes on Names    
  • Water at Work    
  • Fortitude et Laetitia    
  • The Old Man

Survival Till Seventeen

  • The Voice    
  • Gentlemen With a Grudge    
  • Design for a Grecian Urn    
  • Sunday Evenings    
  • Lesson from the Little Mosquito    
  • Wing Lee, Hand Laundry    
  • Heaven in a Pond    
  • Alicia    
  • Art    
  • The Poets and the Mystics    
  • Poetry    
  • Childhood    
  • The Exile    
  • The Imagination Guy    
  • The Classics    
  • Farewell Without Tears    
  • The First Command   


  • The Cloud    
  • Sun and Moon    
  • The Kite    
  • The Whistler    
  • The Buttercup    
  • The Ewe    
  • The Doves    
  • Tears    
  • After the Shower    
  • Four Apostrophes to Silence    
  • The Incomparable    
  • Three Soldiers    
  • The Evergreen    
  • Rabbit    
  • Snail    
  • The Moth    
  • The Rose    
  • Reflection    
  • Boundaries    
  • The Poet    
  • I Burned My Bridges    
  • Entia Multiplicanda    
  • Reveille    
  • Virgin Most Prudent    
  • After the Little Elevation    
  • Resurrection    
  • Advice to Verse-Makers    
  • In the Antiques Shop    
  • Finale    
  • Resignation at Midnight    
  • Something Within Me    
  • Song For A Listener   


  • Metaphysics in the Marketplace    
  • After This, Our Exile    
  • Love Is a Loyalty    
  • The Way of the Cross    
  • Sister Jeremy    
  • The Dove    
  • The Bee    
  • Poor Turkey    
  • Sheep Ritual    
  • The Whale    
  • Brief Litany    
  • The Creature Feature    
  • Admiring Maura    
  • Aunt Abigail    
  • The Devil’s Man    
  • The Fairyland    
  • To an Infant    
  • The Donkey    
  • Stanzas for the Unastonishable    
  • Reflection on a Flea    
  • Coward Noel    
  • The Piano Tuner    
  • The Milkman    
  • Jeremy    
  • Nightly Outrage    
  • Mrs. Whittle    
  • A Prayer for Protestants    
  • Hair Ribbons    
  • St. Joseph’s Christmas    
  • Warning to Contemplatives    
  • The Mistress of Novices    
  • O Love Ave Verum Corpus Natum    
  • Farewell    
  • Buzz, a Book Review